COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols


Please note the following changes to our current Studio Policies & Procedures. These changes have been put in place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These Policies & Procedures may continue to change as the situation evolves.

  • The studio waiting room is CLOSED; dancers are to be dropped off and picked up at the door. Parents are to remain outside/in their vehicles
  • The studio washroom will be open, but should not be used as a change room. Dancers are to come to the studio dressed and ready to dance.
  • Dancers are to bring their required dance shoes and water bottle ONLY, which will be brought into class with them. Dance bags are to be left at home. If a dancer requires their cell phone, it is to be brought in a new, clean Ziploc bag and remain in the bag throughout their time at the studio.
  • Dance rooms are CLOSED and not to be entered outside of scheduled classes
  • Dance rooms will be available for scheduled classes only. There will be no additional rehearsal space at this time
  • ¬†Masks/face coverings are mandatory in all shared/public spaces
  • Parent viewing may be postponed/cancelled/offered in a virtual format for this year
  • Dancers are not to linger in the studio after their class
  • Dancers are required to submit the Studio COVID screening questionnaire prior to their first class. Dancers/families are also to self-screen prior to entering the studio EACH and EVERY time they come.
  • If a dancer is sick, has any potential COVID related symptoms, has tested positive for COVID, or is awaiting testing results, travelled outside of the province within 14 days, or has been around someone who has tested positive for COVID they are to remain home from the studio, and the studio is to be notified.
  • Please call/email the studio office to set up a time to come in for payments (so the number of people within the studio is controlled)
  • Monthly payments are strongly encouraged, in case of forced disruption of classes

In keeping with the mandated provincial guidelines, and for the health and safety of our dancers, we will be doing the following:

  • Dance rooms will be cleaned between classes and at prior to the studio closing
  • Teachers will switch rooms instead of students
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Number of people within the studio will be limited
  • Dance spaces within the class will be marked for adequate physical distancing
  • The washroom and high-touch surfaces (outside the dance rooms) will be cleaned multiple times throughout the hours that the studio is open
  • Common areas will be marked to promote adequate physical distancing
  • Dancers are required to sanitize upon entry and exit of the studio/dance room (sanitizer will be available to dancers)
  • Class times will be staggered as much as possible to allow for easier entry and exit into the studio
  • Dancers are required to maintain physical distancing at all times