Summer Registration

    To register Per Class please select the dates you would like to attend:

    To register for a Package please select the package you would like:

    Please Note

    • Per Class: Must pre-register and pre-pay prior to class access. Must Notify the office 24 hours prior to scheduled class time for payment to be transferred to a different date

    • Packages: Payments due on first day of dance. No refunds or discounts for absence to any of the classes

    • Payment by cash, cheque, debit, credit card or e transfer to use password dance2023

    We have read and understood the registration information and the policies of the school and agree to abide by them. We acknowledge that there may be use of photo/digital/video images of my child/self for recital, school brochures, displays, website, social media sites or advertising purposes in the sole discretion of Fascination Dance Studio. We acknowledge that there is risk of injury/illness involved in the activity for which we are registering. We herby accept that risk and in consideration of Fascination Dance Studio accepting thus registration, we hereby release Fascination Dance Studio from all claims of any kind whatsoever which may arise. We understand that the above information will not be released to a thrid party upon exemption of requiring services from a collective agency. We consent to receiving any and all email notices sent out by the Fascination Dance Studio.

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